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jewelry organizer

while prepping for my new job, i did some research on jewelry organization.  i had remembered seeing some projects in the past that might be do able but i couldnt find them when i needed them. so…being the information specialist that i am, i did more research and found some NEW (at least to me) ideas!

what i did was make a jewelry organizer that showcases my new pieces of jewelry for work.  i figure if i keep them in my jewelry box they won’t get worn because i’ll forget they are there (anyone else?). So…what i did was get a small bulletin board (at a thrift store for like 50 cents) and spray paint it black. I already had the black spray paint from a previous project. I didnt bother to prime it because i’m lazy.

after i painted it i let it dry for a while. dont remember how long. a day prolly.  then i got some multi colored push pins that i found in the kids’ old homework desk.  then i hung it up near my dresser, which is wear i get ready in the morning, so i’ll see it constantly.  it also kinda looks like art. or something.

here it is:  what do you think?

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