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Do I have early onset Alzheimers?

Do I have early onset Alzheimers is the question that’s been running through my brain for months. Mostly cuz that’s what others have been asking me.

You may know that I struggle with memory issues. Heck, that’s what the premise of this whole blog thing is! But some of you may not have read past posts or spoken with me when I ramble on and on about it.  So, there were issues with my memory and my job. I’ve been home for two weeks now. And sometimes, I am forgetful.  It’s embarrassing, funny, frustrating, confusing, everything.  A while back I saw a Neurologist and went for an MRI, results (except for sinus blockage) were normal.  I thought FOR SURE the cause of my memory issues was my thyroid. It still may be, but for now, the Synthroid I’m on isn’t working.  So I never followed up with the neuro doc.

So now, here I am following up with the neuro doc 6 moths later.  I don’t know what he’s going to say or how he can help me, since he wasn’t much help before. I passed all his tests PERFECTLY.  So now I’m going back to him and he’ll prolly look at me and say “what are you doing here?” and  I’ll say “I got sent home from work. I’m afraid they might be right. Do I have Alzheimers? Whatchu gonna do about it?” and he’ll prolly say “Nothing, sorry, buh bye (patting me on the head)”.

 I guarantee that I will come out of there flustered, prolly pissed off, and even more confused about what to do.

 I’ll keep ya posted.

 Meanwhile, here’s this.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

6 comments to Do I have early onset Alzheimers?

  • D@vid

    I’m not looking forward to the day when someone has to tie me in the backyard so I don’t wander off.. the day is coming though.

  • Awwww. Man. That sux. I don’t know if it would do anything for you, but maybe you should try the natural thyroid stuff instead of synthroid, see if that makes a difference. But here’s hoping you get to bottom of this really soon.
    Kate P´s last blog post ..So Much Jet Lag

  • yeah i was thinking about that, kate!

  • yeah, i’m hoping that they’ll insert a gps in my arm or something case i get lost.

  • Have you tried another dr? If you want, you could come up to St. Lukes Hospital (they’re not in the hospital, there’s a doctors pavilion on the property affiliated with the hospital) here in Bethlehem and try the one my son has been going to. I know that’s quite a haul for ya, just a thought. I can help ya out with directions and even go with ya if ya want. I kind of find that hard to believe that you’ve passed all the tests, but you’re still suffering from memory loss. Let me know if you want some drs. names from up here in Dutchieland. I’m here to help my friend!
    Irene (Reener)´s last blog post ..What Not To Wear in Lockerooms

  • oh hey, thanks for the offer to help! i will look and see if my insurance covers any doctors in that area.