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Bloggy Boot Camp Cat Walk

Ok I will now attempt to show pictures of my new friends who I met at Bloggy Boot Camp Philly! Take it away ladies! (oops and Ted!)

Start the music for the cat walk <sexy hot music playing>

Here’s my first photo opp at BBC Philly!

pretty sexy, non?

 next, we have the very sexy and very drinky Karneisha from www.hitsendletgo.com


why does my head look so big?

next we have a poor soul who is trying to humor me and get away from me

(please dont tell her i forgot her name cuz i’m a drunk, er dork)

and now onto the lovely and talented  Xtreme Parenthood, i think.

course i’m not sure since her avatar looks nothing like this.

and it’s me with DutchBeingMe (www.dutchbeingme.com) who gave me a big hug when we met!

after i body slammed her we took a pic together.  not sure if she’s dutch or not.

or if she goes dutch on dates. i might ask her…

so…i had an audience with my new soul mate

CecilyK from www.uppercasewoman.com who totally likes me cuz i dropped an f-bomb.


our next selection includes the woman i stalked All. damn. day. it’s ComaGirl!

Please visit her at comagirl.com NOT DOTnet cuz that’s something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

where was i? oh YES. www.allthingsfadra.com aint we purdy with our sparkly rings?

whatever. <whispering> she’s totally drunk.

our next lovely model is modelling her sparkly purse. which i totally covet. hard.

it’s megan from www.bestoffates.com, who claims she’s a theater geek. me? just geek.

one of our final model mommy bloggers is Sandra from www.onlivingbylearning.com

who spent quite a bit of time nodding her head and pretending to understand my ramblings. love that.

scarymommy, who isnt really.

and our final model (consider this the wedding gown of the show)

is the lovely and talented Ted Rubin from OpenSky,

one of our sponsors (no, not like a pimp).

arent these great? i think i even used something i learned in the photography session!

i TOTALLY have more pics. but they’re in my head cuz i forgot to take the actual snapshot. so…when they figure out how to do that whole brain picture taking developing thing, then i’ll show you.

if not, then…i dont know what.

can’t wait to go looking around the bloggyland for more pics!!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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