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Be careful what you wish for

You know that saying “be careful what you wish for cuz you might get it”? well, yeah.  So. I’ve been crazy busy these last weeks getting #1 son off to college and prepping for new job teaching preschool.  I’ll admit it was crazy but I figured it would all calm down shortly.  And boy did it. but let me back up. I’ll be brief.

I started the new job and was doing well.  I was dog tired at the end of the day and could never seem to catch up at home but I think I was doing well at work. Except for this one thing: I forgot to get my physical done. So it took me a couple of days of back and forth to get it done. Meanwhile, I opened my BIG mouth (I don’t know why) and told them about my previous misdiagnoses.  MISTAKE. I know it is and I have no idea why I would even tell them. Perhaps it was a Freudian moment? Paging Dr. Freud…

So, because of that disclosure, I am not working.  I was sent home Thursday with some paperwork and instructions not to return until after I had my doctor’s certify that I was safe to work around children (I’m a safety hazard because I might forget which children have allergies, etc).  I’m pretty sure the ONLY reason I didn’t get CANNED is because memory loss/early onset Alzheimer’s diagnoses (even misdiagnoses) are covered under the American Disabilities Act.  Meanwhile, after a good afternoon of crying, I’ve gained some perspective and am waiting to hear from my doctor’s about my ability to return to work.

It’s a mixed blessing for sure. I was kicking ass (IMO) at work but floundering at home, as seen by my FB friends who will testify to my silly status updates last week.  Yes, yes, I know you shouldn’t discuss that kinda stuff at work. That is why I wonder if it is a Freudian moment? 

I’ll admit that I had my misgivings over my capabilities of returning to full time work.  Are these fears justified or just a little irrational? Dunno.

If you have ANY advice, I’m listening, other than the most obvious :dont open your damn mouth. <snort>

oooh in the meantime i am kicking ass with the HOUSEWORK!! woot!!!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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