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Banned Books

Many of you may know that I am a librarian.  I feel strongly that information wants to be free and that banning books is wrong.  I’ll be featuring some banned  books during the next few days at www.unconventionallibrarian.com  and i hope you’ll visit my other site for a discussion. FOR or AGAINST, i would love to hear your views on banned books!



Regarding Queen of Everything

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2 comments to Banned Books

  • Did you catch up with all the stuff about banning “Speak”? Hoo boy!

    I personally don’t agree with blanket bans. . . if I thought something wasn’t appropriate for my child (sometimes it’s just not the right age) I’d speak up for my child but I don’t think I’d go the banning route. And some challenges I just don’t get. That E.L. Konigsburg one I did for our class–“The View from Saturday”–still no idea why it was challenged.
    Kate P´s last blog post ..Strange Questions

  • yes Speak is AWESOME and i think i enjoyed the whoo haaa about it as well. if memory serves. i think banning is left up to the parents, IMHO.