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what’s your color?

I’ve been having very interesting and most informative conversations (ok email, but that’s the same thing) about fashion and coloring.  My fave fashion maven, Shelli from Style Ingenuity, http://www.styleingenuity.com/, is doing my color analysis.  I remember my mum doing her color when i was a teen in the 80s and while it seemed a good idea at the time, i never really paid much attention to it as an adult.

If you’re like me, you generally wear whatever colors you feel like. Or if you’re EXACTLY like me, you stick to the following colors: white, black, grey, brown, navy blue. Period. I dont like pattern. I dont like color. I’ve tried color and pattern and I never really am comfortable wearing them. i feel like a clown.  So, now, since I’ve been coloring my hair for the past year I’m really confused. Of course, to me, my colors never really mattered cuz the only time i got dressed was to go to a function. and who cares what you wear every day while taking out the trash or at the grocery store, right?

So. After learning more from Shelli, she has decided that I am a Warm Autumn because I have yellow in my skin tone (for those of you who speak “the lingo” I have been called “high yellow” all my life. but for different reasons) PLUS i have dark eyes and right now  I’m sporting light hair but my natural color is brown.

According to Shelli, these are my colors:

Dark Chocolate Brown

 – Oyster
 – Warm Beige
 – Camel
 – Light Warm Grey
 – Clear Salmon
 – Deep Peach
 – Dark Bright Pink
 – Dark Tomato Red
 – Terra Cotta
 – Mahogany
 – Yellow Gold
 – Forest Green
 – Turquoise
 – Teal Blue
 – Marine Navy
 – Dark Periwinkle Blue
 – Medium Bronze
 – Blue Violet
 – Aubergine
 Here’s a pic  if you’re visually inclined.
So…what does this mean? it meas i need to start wearing color. It seems the earthy tones that i gravitate towards make me look yuck. The good news is that ive been buying lots of new clothes for the new job and i think i may have some of these colors, thanks to my two personal shopping assistants (my children)!
What is your coloring? tell me!
p.s. i’m the same coloring as Jennifer Lopez, YEAH!!!!!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

3 comments to what’s your color?

  • I had my colors done back in the 90’s. I’m a Winter. Jewel tones. But I’ve always liked myself in pastels, especially, light turquoise, pink, soft greens and blues. Nothing with yellow or orange, I look jaundice. So I guess that means you and I can’t borrow eachothers clothes…..*sigh* LOL!

    Hope the job is going well!

  • Tracey


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    Thanks, Tracey
    (a.k.a Britney/ author)

  • funny. i always thought i was a winter.