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hi! <waving> if you’ve been wondering where i’ve been,  here i am. if you’re not wondering, then, whatever. here i am anyway. back from…everywhere.  this past week has been tremendously busy!  no wait, chaotic is more like it! no, wait, catastrophic!  as you may have noticed, my blog has gotten a new look. whatddayathink? <grinning> pretty snazzy hmmm?  Well, thanks to the lovely Christy Peffly at skinned knees, http://hisbooboos.blogspot.com/p/for-your-blog.html who hooked me up and made me snazzy!  Go see her. NOW. she’s really sweet and obviously talented and can put up with anyone (even me)! i thought that while the rest of my world was turning inside out 3 times i might as well have my whole life (translation: blog) in a complete shambles, cuz, that’s how i roll. feast or famine. chaos or calm. regular or unleaded. anyway.

anyway what else has i been doing? boy has been prepping for college. and tomorrow is the big day. lots and lots of emotions but it’s coming and i’ll just have to smile and put on a nice front. then come home and party, er i mean, cry.

also, finished up old job. 

prepping for new job. i’ve been shopping for school supplies, trying to read through the teacher manual and most importantly, CLOTHES SHOPPING!!! you may know or not know or not care, that i have been working with the lovely and fashionable Shelli from Style Ingenuity; go here to see it http://www.styleingenuity.com/.  She’s been doing a series of posts on me called, aptly enough, The Pam Project. It’s about me, cuz I’m Pam. Under Shelli’s tutelage I have been shopping (not her requirement) and putting together outfits to make me look put together, child friendly, and UNFRUMPY!  Here is a sneaky peeky at some of the retail therapy (cuz you know I has a sad cuz my boy is leaving home) I’ve accomplished: you’ll notice that these are all just PIECES and not OUTFITS. I’m good at buying stuff but not so good at putting them together when i get them home. So that’s where Maestro Shelli comes in. 

as if that weren’t enough junk going on, i moved my office from the corner of my bedroom to the basement. i’d take a pic and show you but it’s trashed right now cuz i’m in the middle of about 65 skillion things (although i hate clutter).

as if THAT were’nt enough mindless drama for ya, i moved (ok, well, the #1 son moved) the furniture around in my bedroom. And while we were moving The Man’s dresser, we broke it. And then we put it back together and didnt tell him. cuz he’d never notice, anyway, right?

did i mention that the dog has been digging in the trash and leaving trails of bacon flavored paper towels all around the house? yep, that’s right. and then as if that’s not enough fun, he pukes in his crate so that i get to clean it up first thing in the morning, woo hoo, yay me!

ok that’s all for now, mostly cuz you’re prolly asleep and mainly cuz  i forget where i was going with this.


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

3 comments to helllllloooooooooooooo

  • My, you HAVE been busy! Did you have fun shopping for the clothes! I just wear jeans with everything. Dressy jeans.

    Oh, and I feel your pain with moving offices and furniture. That was my hell this past April. I still have crap sitting my livingroom waiting for a place to rest. Your never finished, it’ll continue for months!

  • You sure have been busy! Glad you like the blog and thank you for posting some love!!
    Christy Peffly´s last blog post ..Introducing Premade Banners!

  • I like the new look, it’s snazzy. Now I want to change mine too…Damn. Now there’s something else on my to-do list! Thanks Pam!
    D.Rene.´s last blog post ..Choose Happiness