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closet finds

so…i’ve been cleaning out my closet while working with the lovely and talented Shelli http://www.styleingenuity.com/ and in that cleaning i have found some weird things! i know some of you may remember that i cleaned out my closet a few months ago, but that was different. cuz, well i dont know how but it WAS, mkay?

While cleaning out my closet i found some OLD clothes that i wore when i was younger and skinnier (may i add sickly skinny, but that’s…another…blog post).  I found some old pics of me wearing these old frocks, wanna see? 

this picture is funny (to me) because i weighed all of about 115 lbs and no boobs. i was on my way to a ballroom dance competition when I wore this. The Man loves this pic cuz i had it on my online dating profile.  I squoze my big butt into it when i pulled it out of the closet and he grinned like a damn cheshire cat. goofbally. i think my gams look kinda nice, though.

the next picture is my favorite because i think my hair looks really pretty. i got the dress for a STEAL many years ago in Austin and wore it to several functions (back when I was single and used to go to “functions” ) I love all the poufy stuff up around the neck.  I think it hides the fact that again, i have  no boobies.

do you have any old pics you wanna share with me? anything funny you found when you cleaned out your closet? tell me!

ps. i’m embarrassed to admit i also found a fur stole. not sure WHY in the sam hill i bought that? i scare myself sometimes.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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