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Traveling with children

My kids are 17 and 13. I’ve been traveling with them since they were babies, and I’ve been searched in almost every major airport in the world. Why? I figure #1 I must be on some TSA no fly list or #2 Single mothers with kids look like terrorists (this was even before Sept 11). During this time I figure I learned a thing or two that I thought might be helpful to someone. Here they are in list form:

  • Get the first flight out of the day: fewer delays and the kids will sleep most of the flight!
  • A dose of children’s Tylenol 20 minutes before you board the plane works wonders (pediatrician told me to do this. So helpful)
  • You and the child should pack a goody bag (backpack) full of snacks and fun things to do (we STILL do this)
  • Always, ALWAYS pack gum and an extra pacifier or a bottle: the ear pain is excruciating for little ones!
  • Have the little ones say hi to the flight personnel: you can score extra help that way (and sometimes a trip to visit the capt and some wings)
  • Pack a change of clothes for each child in your purse or carryon (accidents WILL happen).
  • Always ALWAYS pack a carryon or a big purse (I prefer a backpack)
  • Let their little legs run (supervised of course) around in the airport. Your flight mates will appreciate it.
  • Walk the little ones everywhere: don’t ride that tram/cart thing unless you are late for a flight. Again, your flight mates will appreciate it.
  • Bring something to throw over their little legs if they get cold
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes.
  • Learn where the toilet is. Try to sit near it if possible. I know it stinks but you’ll save yourself some hassle. (or put the kid in a diaper)
  • Options for car seats and strollers: ship them ahead of time, have the person you’re visiting borrow some for your visit (or purchase second hand), use the car seat on the plane.
  • Try to get that row of seats near the front (1st class) that doesn’t have a row of seats in front of you. There is more leg space for a child to stand or jump around or <gasp> lay a baby down for diapering.


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