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Thryoid and Mona Lisa

So, I’ll cut to the chase. I started my first dose of T4 Wednesday.  And boy it’s been a long time coming, as you know.  Finally connected with the gynecologist who was the only doctor to believe in me enough to willingly try a dose of Synthroid on me.  In case I forgot to tell you, there WAS a change in my levels from December to June, which anyone with any SENSE can see that it might explain why I feel the way I do.  An interesting aside to this conversation is that my memory has actually returned! That is the only thing that has changed or improved in my situation, but I’ll take what meager little change I can get, right?

I am not sure why my memory has returned though.  To be sure, I worked very hard at relaxing while in Aruba (and let me tell you it’s not easy to relax with 2 teens, a husband who likes to be busy and a visiting brother in law) but I actually think that perhaps the change in my TSH level may have more to do with the memory than anything else. But whatever, I’ll take it. The memory aside, everything else has stayed the same.  I am still very moody, tired, irritable, cold, etc. And not only that, but I am TIRED of being moody, tired, and cold. 

So now that I’m on 50 micrograms of T4 I don’t know what to think. I’m cautiously optimistic, I guess. I don’t wanna get my hopes up like I’ve done many times before.  I’m reminded of the time I went to Paris. It was a dream come true and I had thought all of my life about visiting the Mona Lisa.  I’d heard all the rumors about how small it was but I didn’t care. So I got to the Louvre and just like everyone said, the Mona Lisa was smaller than I expected. Plus it was enclosed in a glass case. And surrounded by ropes. And throngs of pushy tourists.  As you would expect I pushed elbowed worked my way through the crowd to get a closer peek.  I was not yet married to The Man, but he warned me not to get too close (translation: don’t go under the ropes) because I didn’t want to hafta deal with security in a foreign country.  I guess he knew me pretty well back then, too. Ok so now you get the point. It was disappointing.  I say all of that to say, something. Oh yeah, that I was bummed about the whole Mona Lisa situation and I don’t wanna be bummed about this whole Synthroid medication as well.

It’s difficult not to get your hopes up, though. I’ve lost 6 months of my life and messed up numerous financial and other situations because of my cognitive decline and mood swings and irritability.  I WANT this to work. Real Bad.

I can still drink on T4, right?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

11 comments to Thryoid and Mona Lisa

  • Dee

    Here’s hoping the med works!!

  • thanks dee, day 2 and counting!

  • I saw you on the society blog PammyPam. Then I read this about you! I have suspected for many years that I may have a thyroid problem. I have every symptom ever mentioned in life I think, but the tests say I’m fine. hmmmm
    If you’ve ever read any of Ann Louise Gittleman she talks about this and detox, and diet and food allergies. I bet you would love what she writes.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Shirley :)
    Shirley´s last blog post ..Other ideas for using floor space under bottom shelf pantry

  • thanks for visiting Shirley! BTW My oldest child was born in Houston! I love Ann Louise Gittleman and swear by her book: something someting for women! Good luck with your thryoid issues. read mary Shomon’s website and dont take no for an answer.

  • Wow!! Paris, I would love love love to go to Paris! It’s on my bucket list, somewhere anyways. It’s good that you’re finally getting some good answers, I can’t imagne what it’s like to have so many different things going on with no answers, well I kinda do, with all the issue’s we’ve had with my youngest :( but anywho! I will be praying for you and that everything works out!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Feeling Neglected

  • thanks jamie, and have that damn baby already!

  • Darlin’, I hate to say this, but if you need T3 or have a problem converting the T4 into T3 (like I do – my thyroid’s about 80% tanked), you are going to feel worse, not better on T4 only medication. I am praying that this is not the case for you and that you do find on the Synthroid.

    I have a whole slew of information (links on thyroid and adrenals) for you if you’d like me to send it your way…
    Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic´s last blog post ..Im Just a Figment of Your Imagination

  • Now that’s interesting. My head felt clearer after I started taking iron, but I don’t think I am getting any benefit beyond that after eight months. Time will tell on these things but I hope this is the start of something good. And I hope at least you can drink COFFEE so we can meet up! :)
    Kate P´s last blog post ..One Week Since a WSJ Theft

  • caffeine does make me foggy sometimes but a girl’s gotta have some bad habits, non?
    pick a date, any date for a cuppa joe!

  • Steph, you are so right about the conversion thing. i have read lots about the thyroid issue and i am secretly afraid that that might be my problem! my biggest hurdle recently was just getting a damn diagnosis! so baby steps…please send over any and all info you have!

  • Sent “Thyroid Information” to the email on your about page.
    Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic´s last blog post ..Im Just a Figment of Your Imagination