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opening up a can of whoop ass on vacation

yep, i ALMOST had to open up a can of whoop ass on vacation! can you believe it? me neither. but i was there so i know it happened. see, it went down like this:  It’s approximately 9:15am ish and i mosey down to the pool to find a chair under an umbrella.  Naturally all the good spots are taken cuz people come down early and save all the good chairs. But luckily, i find a sweet spot underneath a palapa (its a tree like hut thing) that to my surprise is not reserved. so i snag it. it’s a sweet spot because it is partially shaded and has a good view of the kiddie pool and all the activities. right, i dont have any little kiddies but i love watching the action, it’s like TV!

so anyway, i’m all set up and getting my relaxation mojo on: listening to classical music on my ipod, reading my book, i’m slathered in sunscreen and the sun isnt too hot yet.  So about an hour or so later i hear this buzzing noise off to my right.  I cant quite understand what she’s saying but i kinda get the feel she’s talking about me.  then, sure enough, she comes up to me and says something like “excuse me, but i reserved these chairs OR youre in my chair” or something rude like that.  i take the buds out of my ears and ask her to repeat herself, which she does. so now i’m pissed cuz she just accused me of stealing her chairs! my response to her was “i’m sorry but there were no tags on these chairs when i got her”.  To which she said “yes there were” and she kinda raised her voice and kinda leaned in towards me.  you can imagine that i cannot believe that a complete stranger would speak to another complete stranger that way! so now, i’m done with her. i put my hands up and say something along the lines of “look i’m not saying you’re lying or anything, all i know is that when i got here at 9:15 there were no tags on these chairs.” We exchanged a few more words and then she retreated. 

had this person/woman approached me correctly i MIGHT have been a little more sympathetic to her plight. but you dont just come at a complete stranger and accuse them of stealing your pool chairs!?! Boy was i HOTTTTTT!!! i stayed mad all day. of course, it helped that i had to repeat the story to The man and the kids several more times. they were just as mad as i was!

can you believe it? while this was happening i thought to myself “i cannot believe i am having such a STUPID argument with this person! I sure hope i dont hafta hurt her feelings.” (translation: i do NOT wanna cut someone and get arrested over on this here island)

i know i’m all tasty and sweet lookin in my bathing suit and all…

that’s pumpkin hiding from the paparazzi.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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