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So I’m reading an article from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon. In this article she discusses why and when you need an endocrinologist.  As you may know, I saw an endocrinologist and he shot me down. Took some tests and patted me on the head and sent me on my way (figuratively not literally) empty handed.  I was crushed and spent a day or two of my vacation upset about it.  I’ve read many of Mary Shomon’s articles, her book and two other thyroid books, but for some reason I did not remember this point that she makes: 

“Many people think that the best doctor to treat any thyroid condition is an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists are specialists who take advanced training in the endocrine system — including, supposedly, thyroid disease.”

But the truth is, according to Shomon, is that not everyone needs an endocrinologist.  Those who have Graves disease (which is what my mother had, so there is a family history there) or who have thyroid cancer, probably need to see an endocrinologist.  People like me, however, who have harder to diagnose cases, might not be helped by an endo. And here’s why.  #1 there’s a shortage of endocrinologists. #2 if you have “normal” TSH levels (like I do) you probably wont get much help because these docs tend to like lab results: numbers.  And boy, is that true. Well at least, for me.  All this time, my labs have been “normal” but I don’t feel “normal”.  But no one who has any prescriptive power has listened to me.

Until now.  My gynecologist, as you may remember, is willing to try me on a dose of Synthroid. Of course, now I’m playing telephone tag with her but it is at least a start. My concerns are many. But some of them are: If Synthroid doesn’t work, will she prescribe something else? Will I continue to see her for my thyroid issue? Getting in to see her can often be difficult because she is so busy (and good).  Interestingly, I saw Dr. candy lady today and she said that Synthroid would help a lot of the symptoms I’m having. YEAH NO FOOLIN?????

So now we wait. In the meantime, I can take more of my anti anxiety medication if I need it!


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