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Emotional intelligence

You may know that I’m job hunting. I’ve actually been job hunting for a year, but my memory loss issues kinda put me on hold.  I’m feeling better, plus I need to help pay for number 1 son’s college so I’m looking for work again.  I’m excited because I had two job interviews this week.  Each job was entirely different from the other. One job was at a pre school/day care center as a teacher.  The other job was a management position for a YMCA.  I am excited because both jobs would be great for me.

The management job would be great for me because I love the YMCA and it would provide me the opportunity to stretch a little and use all of my combined skills.  The teaching job would be great also because I would be able to teach either preschool or kindergarten.  Both jobs are full time and have benefits. 

I’m a big believer in the theories of multiple intelligences, in which IQ, which is the standard, does not fully explain cognitive ability.  What this means to me is, if you don’t have a high IQ, you aren’t considered “SMART”. Which is totally untrue! A gifted dancer may not be book smart but can manipulate her body unlike others, which is certainly a form of intelligence, cuz not everyone can do what a dancer can do.  This theory was developed by Howard Gardner and the types of intelligences can be found here: http://professorlamp.com/ed/TAG/7_Intelligences.html.  I think I am mostly linguistic and intrapersonal.  What are you?

To take this theory a little further, Daniel Goleman developed the theory of emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence involves being able to understand why you, and others, do what you do and how to behave accordingly. There is a fun quiz here: http://quiz.ivillage.com/health/tests/eqtest2.htm .  I received a high EQ score, but I’m not convinced that I will ALWAYS behave like that in certain situations. I know I’d like to, but hey, we all have an off day, right? But I don’t think the test cares about that. I think it’s supposed to interpret how you generally would behave.  Take the test!

Looking at these two intelligence theories tells me that I would probably be a good fit for either job: I have a high emotional intelligence, so I should know how to behave with coworkers, those under me and over me, and the general public.  Emotional intelligence can also help as a teacher for similar reasons. 

I say all this to say…hurry up and bring me a job offer!!!!!

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