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Busy Days!

Sunday was a busy day. It is probably the busy days that cause my stomach to get into knots (anxiety) for no particular reason.  Coupled with my forgetting things (which has improved), spells interesting day.  Here’s what happened Sunday July 25th. Times are approximate.

8am woke up and took Synthroid.

8:30 coffee, breakfast, computer work (blogging and job interview prep), ran dishwasher

1030 am Pumpkin leaves for swimming party

1100 am Number 1 son returns from sleepover, calls in sick (work)

1130 Number 1 son and The Man both shower at the same time (in different rooms)

12 noon ish I shower and get ready for graduation party

1pm – 2pm computer

2pm HUGE thunderstorm. Computer.

2:30pm ish Pumpkin calls and asks to go back to her friend’s house

3pm ish proceed to party with The Man. Take seperate cars.

3:15pm ish HUGE thunderstorm. Sit in car and hope I don’t get struck by lightning!

3:30pm ish rain slows down, we walk down the street to party. Wet tent. Party is inside.

4:30pm ish leave party. The Man goes to the gym.

4:31pm Pumpkin calls and asks to be picked up

5 pm Home. Pick Number 1 son up and take him to party we just left.

5:15pm Road that I just took an hour and a half ago is Closed. Detour.

5:30pm Drop Number 1 Son off at party.

5:45pm Home. Computer work: print resumes, etc

6:50pm The Man arrives from gym. Brings fried chicken!

7pm ish. Take Pumpkin to K2’s house for sleepover

7:15pm Drive to pick up Number 1 son. Forgot about ROAD CLOSURE. DETOUR!!

7:30 ish Arrive to pick up Number 1 son.  He’s not ready.

7:45pm Arrive Home. Eat chicken. Dog begs.

8pm. More computer work.

 Is anyone else’s day this busy or am I just a wimp?

just say it…im a wimp

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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