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I’m an old fart

I don’t know who has inhabited my body. But it’s not me anymore. It can’t be.  I’ve become an old fuddy duddy. An old fart. (fartess?) Why? Cuz there are types of music that I don’t care to listen to anymore.  When I was younger (aw hell you know I’m old when I start a sentence like that) I liked most all kinds of music. Tolerated the ones I really didn’t like: country, Tejano, alternative.  But even if it wasn’t my fave kind of music I would still listen to it.  But not now. 

Now that I’m 101 I feel like there are certain genres of music that I can’t listen to anymore. No wait, take that back. It’s not the genre of music that irritates me; it’s what’s being said in the lyrics.  Generally I never really cared what the lyrics were (unless I was sad and was listening to some bluesy feel sorry for yourself kinda thing) because I was mainly listening to the tune.  The words were always an optional thing to sing along with. It never really mattered to me if I got the words wrong, as long as I enjoyed the music, I was happy! Lately, I don’t understand the words to songs and I don’t remember the words to some songs so that’s a good combination. At least it makes the kids laugh (although I think they’re laughing AT me).

I have always cared about how women were projected in music and media but that’s another post.  I care even more about how women are projected in music now that I have children, specifically a boy and a girl.  I don’t like to hear women called names or treated like sex objects in music.  I don’t like that all (ok a lot) of the music of today talks about sex (that is, when I can understand the words).  I am tired of women being called bitches and whores and girls and anything else that is diminutive, degrading, or disrespectful.  When I hear that kind of music I see the faces of my kids.  Based on music, my son will grow up to think that women are sex objects and my daughter will grow up thinking that she is a sex object.  I am tired of hearing guys sing about how they are going to do this and that to their “girls” or that these “girls” need to wear short shorts or skimpy clothing to get their attention on the dance floor, at the club or wherever. 

I’m sick of it. It makes me sick. These are our children. Some mother’s little boy is singing about bitches and some daddy’s little princess is writhing around on the stage wearing a thong simulating sex.  I first made this realization during the winter. But I thought that with all my memory issues and mood swings it was just a mood swing feeling and it would go away. But I’ve noticed this past week as I try to find a song on the radio to listen to that I keep pushing the buttons to change the stations.  I’m looking for a song that I can listen to that is not offensive.  To be sure, many songs I’ve enjoyed in the past. But now, they make me sick.  I’ve become old and intolerant.

I’ve become a fuddy duddy.  Hello Mrs. Old Fart.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

4 comments to I’m an old fart

  • I guess I’m old and intolerant, too!
    .-= Unknown Mami´s last blog ..Cruisin’ for Daddies =-.

  • You are neither old or a fuddy duddy. I think your post is very true and that it’s what most women feel who have children. I have two girls and I worry all the time about the negative impact that all forms of media are having on them. All we can do is monitor what they watch and listen to and teach them right from wrong….but it seems to get harder and harder.
    .-= Gadgerson´s last blog ..Changes are coming… =-.

  • I sooooo get it. I have a son and daughter too and I used to keep them away from all of that foolishness but I lost that battle. I found it better to stay on top of what they’re listening too and then get their thoughts about it…get in their heads.

    Of course, I can only do that after I’ve called my younger sister to ask her what the hell the rappers are saying, LOL.

  • i am SO glad i’m not the only one who doesnt know what the hell they are saying!