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I have a confession

So maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been around much since june 1st. or maybe you haven’t notice. Whatever. But since completing NaBloPoMo for May, I’ve taken a teeny little break. Posting every day for a month is taxing. And the timing for the end of NaBloPoMo was perfect because I have entered another mood swing phase.  Now I haven’t quite figured it all out, but I’ve noticed that I still get the hormone swings monthly and coupled with all the other things I’m dealing with, they all kind of work together AGAINST me.  Boo hoo, poor me. But anyway, what really irks me is the mood swings. And when I’m having the mood swings everything, EVERYTHING irks me.  

I am easily irritated, irritable, and sleepy, which is not a good combination. So because of this, I haven’t felt like posting too often.  In fact when I get in these moods, I can barely bring myself to get on the computer or my phone to tweet or to FB.  Which I guess is good for you. Cuz who wants to hear me bitch and moan about how I cant remember things or how my hair is falling out or how I yelled at the kids for something or other?  Good news is, that despite my recent cold and all the mood swinging going on, I STILL am able to maintain my healthy eating habits. I do not know how. But I’m doing it. 

So if you don’t see me, be glad. Cuz I’m prolly bitchy anyhow.  Fortunately mood swings pass and this one will too.

but until then…

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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