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Today is one of those days


Today is one of those days in which I’m feeling quite homicidal.  I’m having a mood swing. I’ve been feeling it come on for several days and I’ve been successful at keeping the monster at bay. But after yesterday’s two unfulfilling naps, I went to bed at 9pmish and slept in till 9am.  All that horizontal time and I was still tired, but as the saying goes something something for the weary. So I sallied on.

Dang it if I didn’t go downstairs and see the mutt had gotten into the kitchen trash. Needless to say I am not speaking to him. Then The Man and Pumpkin and I went to Wegmans.  The Man’s Brother is dropping by for a visit from DC and we are feeding him a meal. Pumpkin’s mouth got on my nerves.  The Man was in search and destroy mode at the store.  All I wanted to do was consume my cup of organic Wegman’s coffee in peace.  No such luck.

Once home I don’t really remember what happened but I caught on fire.  Realizing that I had the power to make it a lot worse, I went to my room for a time out.  Funny how when you do that everyone starts kissing your butt and things start getting done. But I was not to be pacified. While I was on a self imposed time out I bought a really cute pair of shoes.  Lord and Taylor was having a sale.  Here they are. I got them in brown because all the cute colors were taken in my size. But brown will go with everything when I’m on vacation, right? It took me quite a bit of time on the Googles to look for these shoes so they better be as cute in person.

Anyway, took the boy to work (he still owes a sufficient amount of butt kissing) and came home to prep the food.  Here’s what’s on the menu tonight to the best of my ability: Big salad: bitter lettuces, spinach, apple chunks, almond chunks, tomatoes, and  whole wheat pasta; fruit salad (yummy yummy): pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, that green fruit that similar to cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries (I think); the carnivores will eat turkey and ground beef burgers and salmon sausages (weird I know but The Man wanted it); mustard potato salad (I won’t eat),  and some grilled veggies of some kind I think its yams or something.  And of course, artichoke hummus and blue corn chips as an appetizer.   Pumpkin will make her own mac n cheese and French fries.  The Boy is at work and prolly wont eat til later.

We’ll prolly alos eat these as leftovers tomorrow. What are you having for dinner?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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