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today is all about the silly

if you dont know, i like silly. not just any kind of silly, but stuff that is silly TO ME.  not everything is silly to me, though. i dont like fart jokes or sophmoric humor (a la most Adam Sandler), or alot of the Wayans brothers (weird black humor), nor do i like mean joke humor (like poppups out of boxes or scary masks or spiders). but otherwise i think i’m fairly easily amused.  the kinda funny i do like is babies, animals (mostly dogs and cats), people falling on their butts (unless they get hurt) a la Americas Funniest videos, kids shows (i love that’s so raven and drak and josh), and of course, britcoms. they’re my absolute fave!

today i thought i would post some funny animal pics i looked up on one of my fave sites, i has a cheeseburger.  These animals always pick me up when i’m having a sad or when i need a good giggle. here’s what i chose for today:

   who could resist thest two faces of cute? not even the hardest heart could. not even scrooge. or the grinch.

i like this one cuz when i’m havin a sad it shows how i feel.    and this little one here: what? what’d i do?

and i like these next two cuz everyone knows cats are smarter than we are.

i could put so many more but maybe i’ll save them for when i’m feeling silly again. or iz hassin a sad. i hope you enjoyed them. what kind of silly do you like?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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