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raw food detox?

So I’ve been eating healthy for over a week. I hesitate to label what I’m doing for fear of messing it up but I will call it the semi vegan vegetarian raw food diet. There, that’s a nice name, isn’t it?  What I’m doing is avoiding meat of all kinds: chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc.  I’m also TRYING to avoid refined sugar and diet sugars.  I try to use Stevia, turbinado, agave, or anything else. My goal is to cut out coffee altogether although I can’t do it just yet. I avoid sodas.  I drink water and I just started making my own iced green tea. I am trying to cut out refined flour. I try hard to incorporate whole wheat or whole grain flours as much as possible.  I have increased my fruit intake 300%. I am trying to eat more vegetables.  I am trying to incorporate beans and legumes and other things into my diet.  I am totally off dairy (milk, eggs, cheese). Completely. And since I’m lactose intolerant, I shouldn’t be eating dairy anyhow.   I am now thinking about cutting out soy.  I haven’t felt like having any alcohol, which is surprising cuz I love vodka.  I have not had any candy or chocolate: but occasionally a stick of gum. I try to buy organic when I can.

I have been asked if I feel better physically. I’d like to say that I do but I’m not sure. The change is so subtle I fear I am imagining it. But I have to say that perhaps I don’t feel so sluggish physically.  To be sure, I still suffer from a brain fog that I am still desperate to ameliorate but physically I feel I am on my way.  I’m sure I am going through a detox and that my body is eliminating all the vicious poisons and toxins that were making me feel like crap:

  • I am always sleepy due to my insomnia but some days I feel like I need a nap. 
  • I am also trying to get used to the gastrointestinal issues (which I will not detail but you can use your imagination, cant you?). 
  • Cravings were difficult during the first few days. I was also hormonal so I craved chocolate. But I won out over my cravings.
  • I have developed a cold. Its difficult to place the blame on the detox because I also work around babies. The interesting thing is, I haven been sick since December and it sure is coincidental that I’m sick now that I’m detoxing, hmmm?
  • I get headaches, however not sure how to attribute these because I also suffer from seasonal allergies

Implementing this new “diet” has not been anywhere near as difficult as I imagined it to be. Yeah sure, the authors of Skinny Bitch say to cut out coffee and I really really want to. But maybe I cant do it right now. But I’m doing a whole lot of other things that are good for me so I try to focus on the positives.  I’ve been getting encouragement from friends in real life and internet friends.

I think this is a change I can keep up.  I win!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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