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looking up to see my baby grow up

Ok so perhaps I’m taking this look up theme a little more literally than I should. But then again, that’s what I do. Or so I’ve been told. I’m often saying to Man at home “whaddaya mean by that?” when he says “have a nice day” or “be careful”.  But that’s another story. I guess. Whats up with look up? That’s this month’s theme for national blog posting month of which I am attempting to, well, attempt. First blog was yesterday.  Today is numero dos (two, i’m trilingual, see). I’m on a roll.

I wanna get sappy for the moment and talk about my oldest child. Number one son, as he is called.  I looked down and gave birth to him. Here it is, just a few weeks later, and I look up and he is graduating high school in a month! I’m in all kinds of a terrible fret about it, but again, that’s another blog post. But I looked up this weekend and he was going to prom. To be sure, he’s been to prom before, but this is his senior year. To me, it has more significance. Hell I barely went to one. But this isn’t about me, is it? oh wait, it IS.  Anyway, I looked down and he was a sweet little toddler. I looked up this weekend and he’s a man (well almost).  When in the heck did that happen?

Fortunately for me this toddler/boy/man isn’t dating or I’d really be in a tizzy.  But he does have a J-O-B. And he is planning to attend college in the fall; that is, if they can pry him away from my clutch when we drop him off.  The odd thing about looking up and seeing that your toddler is a senior in high school (who doesn’t drive. DON’T ASK) is that I’ve spent the whole weekend doing things for HIM. Not for myself. But for him: ordering flowers, picking up the flowers, paying for the flowers, picking up his tuxedo, paying for the tuxedo, driving him to the girl’s house, picking him up in the morning, returning the tuxedo, taking him to work, WHEW! You see?  It was all him all weekend long.  The only time I really looked up (not counting looking at traffic lights) was to make sure I entered the right tuxedo store in the mall (which is 14 miles away from our house). 

Given all the running around I was doing for the Boy, it’s a miracle I was able to take a minute and go into Boscov’s (it’s a department store, just play along) and buy myself some t shirts. Isn’t that selfless of me?

Yep. Where did the time go? And if he’s graduating, does that make me old?

Say no. the answer is always No.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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