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i’m like a broken record. or a hypochondriac.

Looking up endocrinologists today.

I know I know I’ve been down this road before. But I’m taking another go. For two reasons: #1 mostly because I’ve been feeling like crap: lethargic and moody for several weeks (ok two) and #2 the rest (leastly?) because I talked to a sympathetic ear this morning. 

I’ve been through the whole test my thyroid business more times than I care to recall. I highlight some of the fun in earlier blog posts.  But mostly what’s been happening is that I see doctor after doctor for tests because something is wrong with me. I DON’T think I’m a hypochondriac.  I don’t think it’s Alzheimer’s, dementia, pseudo-dementia, stress, anxiety, ptsd, depression, eczema, ptomaine or poor diet. Although I could certainly benefit from an improved diet.  I just threw the ptomaine thing in for S&G.  Anyway, I’m back to the old thyroid problem again because it makes sense and what else could it be? I mean really.  REALLY? The compassionate soul I spoke with this morning asked me in a very friendly way where I had been. So I gave the standard oh I’ve been having memory issues so I cant work at the café.  She picked up on this and starting asking questions. Turns out, she, like so many other women I have spoken to in the past 6 months, suffers from a thyroid disorder.  She told me her story. Sounded kinda like mine. I told her mine. She was sympathetic.  She urged me to see an endocrinologist because they can test things that a GP just doesn’t test.  This difference may make all the difference.

I’ve really been feeling blah lately and today I guess I was blah and fed up.  After a brief, un-refreshing nappy I hopped on the internets.  I’ve googled this stuff so many times I didn’t think it would make a difference. But this time it did.  I found a site that I’ve been too NUMEROUS times. Its by Mary Shomon at about.com.  Here: http://thyroid.about.com/. I don’t know what made the difference today.  But I delved deeper into her website and I found that she has a book and other thyroid related websites.  But what I found particularly interesting is that she discusses whether or not you need an endocrinologist. I must have typed in endocrinologist thinking of researching this exact same topic because it answered all the questions I was thinking about.  Here is the link: http://thyroid.about.com/cs/doctors/a/needendo.htm.  What she said was this: that there are times when you need an endocrinologist (hereby known as endo) and times when you won’t. ok, I hadn’t thought of it that way, so go on, I says.  Thanks, she says. Cancers and surgery generally don’t need an endo. 

Ok so hang on cuz here’s where it gets good (at least to me). She says that if you might possibly suffer from hypothyroidism then you won’t need an endo.  Lemme just quote it instead of trying to glob it up with my words:

Hypothyroidism Diagnosis: Where you will not necessarily get much help from an endocrinologist is if you suspect you have hypothyroidism, and have numerous symptoms of the condition, as well as a family history, but test in the “normal range” TSH-wise. Most endocrinologists are not willing to pursue other options…You will need to find one of the growing number of general practitioners and holistic/alternative MDs who focus on diagnosing and treatment hypothyroidism.

Great, nice, encouraging. So now what? Yeah she gets to that.  She suggests getting a recommendation from someone who has an open minded endo. Yay! That’s me. I think. I think the woman I spoke with this morning said her endo was good, which I am interpreting to mean, open minded and helpful. To ME.

I read Shomon’s other pages which are very informative. There’s even a quiz. I have taken so many, many thyroid related quizzes I almost didn’t take this one. But I did. The questions were interesting and including alternative therapy type things that I hadn’t been asked before.  I then looked at Shomon’s link associated with her book, which is here: http://www.thyroid-info.com/.  Its heavy on the self marketing and not very pretty, but it contains a lot of information. Oh yeah, that’s the page the quiz is on. But anyway.  In an excerpt from her book she describes her story and others. One in particular sounded almost identical to mine:

For five years, I suffered from increasingly debilitating symptoms, and no doctors ever correlated my list of symptoms as clear evidence of hypothyroidism. I was always feeling cold, I had unending fatigue, sometimes sleeping eighteen to twenty hours a night on weekends and twelve hours a night during the week, low blood pressure, allergy and sinus problems, bone and joint pain, depression, memory loss, a very sleepy state I now call brain fog, depression, and mood swings. You’d be moody too if you were constantly exhausted and often confused and overwhelmed by things that used to be crystal clear to you. In five years, I slowly evolved from a highly productive, very social, and caring person to someone who chose to be alone and felt like a failure in life. I was self-isolated—secretly feared that I had early Alzheimer’s, or worse, undiagnosed cancer or another major illness . . . – Alice

Wow, how weird is that? My only differences are that I don’t have any significant bone and joint pain (just an occasional nudge from middle age)  and that I don’t sleep well.  So I’m convinced this is my thing!  From there I looked up her list of patient recommended endos in my area. Then I cross checked them with a list of endos that my insurance covers. Some of them even matched. And yay of all yays even the doc of this beautiful compassionate soul who listened to me this morning is on my insurance. Woo hoo!

But now the hard part: making the phone call.  But I did order her book.  Yay me!

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