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feeling better?

I am slowly feeling better. I started feeling sick Wednesday so four days is long enough for me to be sick.  Not that I have any say in how long a cold stays in my system but you know what I mean. I’m done with it. I’ve pretty much laid low and stayed near the house except for the few “emergency” outings I needed to take.  Meanwhile, during my resting periods I’ve been reading and looking things up on the Googles.  I’ve read several of my new raw food books and I fear that I’m not quite as ready for that as I thought.  Most of the information involves sprouting things and juicing and growing your own garden. I am not interested or unable to participate in any of these activities. The juicing, however, may be forthcoming.  I will be looking into this soon. What I can take away from these books is some of the vegetarian recipes and meal ideas and the fact that increasing fruits and vegetables can only benefit me.

I continue to eat healthily even though I am “sick”. I think I prefer the term detoxing, though.  I am drinking more and more water, although I am now concerned about an NPR story I heard that said that bottled water is mostly just tap water. Ew. And tap water is free, why the heck am I paying for it? TWICE? So its not really free, is it? anyway, in addition to drinking water, I am still drinking my homemade decaf green iced tea. Since I have no taste, I have been enjoying it without sweetener, which is kind of odd. I cant remember specifically what I’ve been eating, even though it isn’t much, but I know I’m not eating junk.  The Man, trying to be nice, brought home some chocolate chip cookies. He thought it would be ok for me to have a couple; but I’m not a couple cookie kind of person! So last night, when I was feeling poorly and tired the cookies were calling my name. I even went so far as to put my head on the container and sniff them (yep) but I did not indulge! I am so proud of myself!!

Winning last night’s chocolate chip cookie battle was a real boost to my ego. I showed myself that I could do it. And I think I showed the Man too.  I’m still not eating much but I am feeling better. I desperately want to eat something interesting but am not feeling up to preparing anything so I don’t know what I’m going to do about that.  I am thinking that perhaps I may make a soy smoothie tonight for dinner.  I know there are bad things being said out there about soy but for now it is what I am drinking, especially since I already have the soymilk in the fridge. Now when it runs out, different story.  A book I just finished about Hypothyroidism says that soy can negatively affect the thyroid. I am convinced I have thyroid issues although so far no results came back to confirm that. We’ll see what the endocrinologist says. Meantime, I’m kind of in the wait and see mode for soy. 

Speaking of soy smoothies, I went online to look up juicers earlier and got distracted, naturally.  But if I could get a juicer, then (in theory) I could get a lot of my veggies in juice form, which would be so much more fun than the old fashioned way, right? Problem is, I keep getting distracted when I go online.  Hate when that happens.  The Man even said he would use a juicer.  So, I have no websites to share today, although I know I went to some, perhaps I’ll find them later.  I haven’t had coffee all day (hot green tea instead) and now I’m dying for it. Maybe I’ll swing by and pick one up on my way to get number 1 son from work?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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