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who woulda thunk it?

i won a prize! thanks to my new BFF at My Comy Escape (http://mycomfyescape.blogspot.com/) i am now the newest winner of the sunshine prize!! why she would give ME a prize is beyond my understanding, but hey, i’ll take it! kinda like taking the gift and running before they figure out that they gave it to the wrong person!  so…there are rules to how this thing works. i hafta pay it forward and give it to a bunch of other bloggers.  so here are the rules:

1. Nominate 12 bloggers.

2. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.

3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link the sidebar logo to the person from whom you’ve received this award
ok i dont understand te whole share the love and the link thing but i’m gonna give it a go.  here are my nominees: (and the nominees are):
2.  Dayngrous Discourse, because who doesnt love a woman who is dangerous? http://dayngrzone.blogspot.com/
3.  Alabaster Cow, because she’s the gal you wanna keep on your good side: http://www.alabastercow.com/
4.  Gotta have Aunt Becky cuz you never know when you’ll need a baby who can make a shiv out of anything: http://www.mommywantsvodka.com/
5. And because you can never have enough booty: http://cutiebootycakes.blogspot.com/
6.  Gotta show some love to the redhead riter b/c i love a woman who can use alliteration: http://theredheadriter.blogspot.com/
7. My friend Mirella deserves an award cuz her blog has a nipple on it:http://historyandwomen.blogspot.com/ plus its for us SMRT gals!
8. my real friend Kake: http://maiden-aunt.blogspot.com/
9. sending some bloggy love out to my boy davey p: http://troubleinmybubble.blogspot.com/
10. My new friend Melissa who will be surprised (i think): http://financiallystrapped.blogspot.com/
11.  Deana Birks gets an award because she also shows me lots of bloggy love: http://www.deanabirks.com/
12.  i have to confess i have a thing for confessions and depression, because she keeps it real http://www.depressionsandconfessions.com/
13. and i hafta give one to a blog to brag about because her drawlings are so dang cute. http://www.ablogtobragabout.com/ so what if that’s 13. so do me summin.
TADA and congratulations!
pay it forward bloggers or you’ll get hairy palms.
pammy pam

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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