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weird, wicked wednesday

dude, so once’t agin it’s wednesday. and because i gets bored easily and mostly cuz i’m weird like that, i decided to change up my blodge post a bit. today i’m gonna be brief and ask for help. is there any time in your life that you acted weird and wanna show it off? acted a fool? embarrassed your kids? wanna tell me? i promise i can keep a secret: mostly cuz i won’t remember later anyway, but STILL counts, right?

awwright here goes. gee where should i start? over here is what’s left of my halloween costume. yes i’m wearing a blond wig. not the first time either.

next is the time i dressed as a clown. more like a pagliacci clown that no one except my family (who know i’m weird) understood. it was for a circus theme thingy i was attending.

i have lots more, but why scare you away? show me YOUR weird. or someone else’s. whatever.

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Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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