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yay monday!!!

i got jacked up on caffeine this morning at starbucks. well actually i go there almost every day but today i was especially jacked up! as a result, i had some BRILLIANT ideas!! after being inspired by all the other mommy bloggers out there who are rocking their blogs, i decided to do the same. so, thanks to mr. starbucks, i went to staples and purchased some new gizmos to go with my old laptop (cuz i cant afford a new one: gotta save money since number one son goes to college in the fall). had fun playing with my new toys. it even made housework less painful, woo hoo!!  Problem is…
um well i cant remember what the problem is but isnt my doggie cute? isnt it great how caffeine makes you work five times faster than you did before? can you tell i just had a cup?  i have sooooo many new ideas planned: i’m gonna build a new blog, write a book, and do some other things if only i could remember what they were. oh well. 

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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