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wow. how’d it get to be wednesday. AGAIN?

yep. it’s wednesday. again. how does that happen? i mean, monday is a long way away, but it seems like every time i turn around its wednesday! i dont really care about hump day b/c wednesday is just one day closer to the weekend. and the weekend means the family is home and all up in my bizness. mommy whatcha doin? mommy take me here. mommy pick me up at work. mommy can so and so come over. mommy what’s for dinner. dear, have you seen my (insert husband’s personal object)? etc. etc. i get no rest.

but enough about me. today i want to talk about friends. we all have them. or we should. i have a few. i have one today that is in crisis and as usual <cue music> ta ta ta ta! PAMBO is here!! i’m pretty good at helping friends through crises. it’s my own crap i’m not so good with. plus helping someone else helps me avoid my own crap, see? but enough about me. back to friends. i have long distance friends and close distance friends and long time friends and short time friends. generally once i make a friend i keep them forever. i dont hafta talk to them every day to care about them. some friends you can lose touch with for a few months and then pick up like nothing happens. social media has really helped me stay in touch with people without the dreaded feeling of “i hafta make that phone call”. a quick tweet or a facebook posts sends some friendly love their way and i’m done! and conversely, i dont mind if a friend misses a day or 2 or 6 withouth talking to me. if i read their tweets or their fb posts i feel like i’m part of their lives. and i absolutely LOVE texting! i live for it. i talk to my kids, my friends and my hubby that way. i can yell at the kids through text. i can tell the hubby i love him or to pick up a pizza from wegmans. mostly the latter cuz i’m not too mushy gushy. ugh. that kinda stuff makes me sick. gag.

anyway, back to friends. its nice to have them. all you need is at least one. i like to have one i can be silly with and one i can be serious with. ┬áso wow. here’s to wednesday. and to friends.

now what should i do about dinner?

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