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thursday, my new home and some new thoughts

so, here i am at my new digs. it’s a work in progress so i might change things a bit as a mood swing hits. but anyway.  last week i stopped wearing my wig. i call her colanga. she retired. i had been wearing her since january, i think because my hair was so short and it was cold and i didnt like it and my roots desperately needed to be done. yes i know that was a run on sentence. but anyway. i FINALLY convinced my hair dresser to touch up my roots. did i blog about this already? i love my hair again! ok, well not love, but like alot. i’d love it if it were back to its original length like it was around thanksgiving. but whatever.

yesterday was at a meeting. i had a brain fart. i’ve actually been doing better over the past couple weeks and was quite suprised by the loss of memory yesterday. i was writing someone’s name down and i forgot his name. which i REALLY really should know. we’ve worked together for 3 or more years on music booster projects. but i drew a blank. looked at him and said “what’s your name?” and everyone else in the room jumped all over me because i forgot his name. i know i know silly and all that but i wasnt joking. so after i reminded them that i have been having memory issues, they all backed down and he told me his name. then i was like, oh yeah. duh. but i honestly couldn’t access his name prior to that.  tried not to get too weird about it considering i’ve been doing fairly well lately. 

also had taken the kids somewhere earlier in the afternoon and while i dont remember the whole conversation now it IS relevant.  anyway, we were talking about something and i said something like “well i remembered that we needed to do so and so” and the kids said something like “yeah but you dont usually remember stuff” which is true. so what are you going to do? laugh at yourself?

you betcha.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

2 comments to thursday, my new home and some new thoughts

  • In all seriousness, I have had these brain farts quite often now… it’s very frightening… whether it’s names or just words that I want to use… and for the life of me, I cannot summons them in my mind. I even try looking up and to the left (supposed to access the storage part of your mind). I blame mine on my depression medicine though. Now that I’m off, we’ll see if it gets any better.

  • i think its the prozac combined with a bunch of other life stressors for me. ive been off prozac about a month now, although i’m struggling to find the right cocktail, memory IS improving. hang in there!