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retail therapy: SCORE!!!!

yeah that’s right. retail therapy is good for the soul. or something. but anyway, diverted my attentions today by induling in a little retail therapy. and it did me a world of good. even though i got my braces off last month, i havent been feeling very good about myself. to be sure, the hair loss is part of the problem.  as the weather gets warmer, i am getting tired of taking Colanga everywhere with me (the wig) and the warmer it is, the warmer i get. she was great when the weather was bitter cold and my hair in the back was practically peach fuzz. but now, its almost an inch or so long. so…i’m feeling better about myself.  i also suffer from very dry skin. itchy flaky face skin. make up itches me as do most facial cleansers and lotions/moisturizers.  practically every day i have read blotchy patches on my face.  this hair loss and dry itchy skin is one of several reasons why i feel like i have some kind of thryoid issue.  i still need to write about my subclinical thryoid thoughts. maybe this weekend if everyone will leave me alone.  where am i going with all this rambling? nowhere. just an excuse to excuse my shopping splurge. splurges. economic stimulus.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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