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monday mishmash

yes, i realize it’s not monday, its tuesday. but play along ok?

I completely forgot to post on Monday. I was helping my husband celebrate Passover and when I was done I didn’t feel like doing anything. Plus, I was really tired.  So if I remember correctly, Sunday night I didn’t sleep well. I guess I was up until after midnight. I think I posted late that night. Then, of course, I didn’t sleep well during the night and woke up Monday morning exhausted. A trip to Starbucks helped me get through the day and an afternoon cup of coffee helped me get through the evening. The thing is, because it was Passover, we had wine with dinner, woo hoo!! I love wine, but of course, who doesn’t?  So because I had lots of kosher wine I didn’t want to take my Seroquel. So we entered day two (I think?) of no sleeping assistance.

Not surprisingly, last night did not go very well, either.  I was already tired because of the poor sleep the previous night and then the wine added to my sleepiness. So, I was able to crash before 10pm. BAD IDEA.  I don’t know whether it was the wine or going to bed so early, but I didn’t sleep well, surprise surprise surprise.  I woke BEFORE the witching hour. When I finally heard Minny chiming, it was 2am. TWO. YIKES! I thought I might cry. And I know I had been laying awake for a little while so I was a little more than miffed. But who are you gonna yell at in the middle of the night? Yourself?

Fortunately, I had my brain to keep me company. I thought of several blog posts, twitter updates, and facebook witty profile updates. I then proceeded to rehash the WHOLE DAY’S worth of conversations, as well, as potential conversations I could have had. Smart, huh?  Finally FINALLY after I don’t know how long, I dozed off. Only to wake up when I heard everyone start to go to the bathroom. Then my alarm went off and it was 6:50am.  Gaaack!! Because I’m a big putz, I laid in the bed dozing and near crying until 8:03am. I hafta be at work at 9. And the dog needs to be walked before that. Needless to say, girlfriend was hustling. And it was raining.  And my pants got wet. Good times. 

No time for starbucks today so I had a cup of  Starbucks instant VIA and a cold bagel in the car.  Dragging allllllll day. Cranky. Tired. Stupid.  But no nap today, no sirrreee (which was very difficult to avoid)! As soon as I pick up the boy from his meeting at school, I’m off to SEROQUELLAND. I NEED it. BAD. I might take a whole one tonight.  Sheesh.  Oh cool. Just got the call. More later…

Woot. WOOT. 8:18pm. Boy home. Me in me in jimjams. 50 mg of seroquel in my gut. Woot. now we wait. what works for you?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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