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mean people suck

i mean really. life is hard enough as it is. and then to have to come out of the closet, as it were, to admit that you’re depressed and then search for help for it.  people say mean stuff without thinking.  here’s an article from pscyhcentral about a professional soccer player being teased for having depression: http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2010/03/22/depression-smack-talk-on-the-playing-field/  the guy was told to go have a good cry or something like that because it was well known that he missed a whole year of playing due to depression. a whole year of his life. of income. but yet its ok to tease him about it. or is it? the people in charge made the offending player  apologize, but still, the damage is done, the word is out there. no one would THINK about saying something like “go back to the locker room and be Black” or something. of course NOT!! but it seems like the stigma of depression just can’t win. even though many celebrities have come out of the closet and exposed their battles and its obvious since many other celebrities overdose (you have to have a mental illness to abuse drugs, right? right.)  

the poor player who suffers from depression didnt want to talk about the situation anymore. and its no wonder. but he needs more than apology, IMHO.  he’ll prolly just skulk around saying he’s ok when he really isnt. so you come out and say youre depressed (or whatever youre dealing with) and then you get teased about it. then you feel like crap all over again. how do you deal with that? when is the world gonna get more sensitive to other people’s issues?

i personally think there are many people suffering from depression who are undiagnosed. not that i want to go around holding hands and singing kum ba yah and stuff, but i dont want to be looked at as a freak or some kinda weak link. in fact i’d like to think that my powers of observation are superior to others. i’m kinda like a superhero. yeah. cuz i see things differently. yeah. super thinker!

yeah. i like it.

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