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i’m grumptastic!

so i’m reminded that i’ve been on my new meds a whole week. welcome to zoloft.  so i guess i havent really noticed a difference. i guess that’s good?  my anxiety is way down, and i suspect some of that may have been from the pristiq (although i was anxious on prozac too) but its certainly manageable.  i’m not sure i feel any different on zoloft. it hasnt really made me less of a bitch. i’m still a bitch. or is it bitchy? what’s the diff?  i know one thing, it hasnt made sleeping or going to the grocery store any easier! i still dont sleep well. perhaps i should post about my sleeping pills? and i hate going to the grocery store and i am often irritated at the store. like i need to wear my headphones and zone out to classical music in order not to cuss someone out in the frozen food aisle. cuz they frown on that in grocery stores.  and target. i’m just sayin.

my friend at crazy meds suck donkey dong is a good resource regarding just about any and all depressant type meds. here’s the link: http://www.crazymeds.us/index.htm. check him out, he’s honest to a fault. he raises some interesting points about rage and stuff and zoloft. i might make a study of this later. that is, if i remember. which i prolly won’t.  but anyway.  maybe i’m just an angry person? like ive said before, i could be called angry mommy. 

tomorrow is a big day at our house. we take number one son for his first view of the college he’s attending in the fall. i am anxious about this whole going away to college thing and i’m sure some of the anxiety i’m feeling at present is because of tomorrow’s impending visit.  to be sure, i’m no different than any other mom sending her first born out to the woods filled with packs of vicious heat seeking wolves, but that makes me feel no better. i’m still scared. and sad. and anxious.  and nervous. did i mention i was anxious?  and i hafta go make nice with all the other scared mommies and daddies tomorrow. oh how i HATE that. making nice. and chit chat. but i’ll do it. maybe get him a tshirt from the college bookstore or summin. maybe mommy will have a cocktail tonight. or maybe i should save it til tomorrow before the campus visit? haha only kidding. tomorrow night. maybe.

what to wear, what to wear…

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