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i was ready for ya today, wednesday

that’s right, wednesday, i was ready for you this morning. only i thought it was april fools day. but whatever.

so i takes a whole seroquel pill (not a half of one cuz i’m a big girl) last night and it kicked my ass. yes it did. i slept. well, let me quantify that. for the parts that i slept, i slept good. unconscious, really. but for the parts i didnt sleep, i was awake. wondering why i was awake. so that morning finally came, i was groggy from the sleeper and tired cuz i was awake off and on all night. what does all that mean? its means either a) my brain is more powerful than a stupid sleeping pill or b) i need a new brain. wonder if my insurance will cover trepanning?

so as a result of my blended state this morning i was confused about whether it was april fools day or not. but its not. but most importantly, i became mayor of starbucks! yep, or as i like to call myself: grand duchess! all hail and huzzah.  i downed my grande bold red eye and went to the mall, yippee!!

didnt know really what i wanted at the (King Of Prussia, the mother of all malls on the east coast) mall, just thought some retail therapy was in order. its nice just to have a looky see. which i did. i wound up at DSW.  for the record, i love shoes, but not high heels. which seems to be all they make these days. so, at almost 5’9″ when i FALL DOWN from a pair of high heels, i have a long way to go to contemplate my existence and which body part is gonna hurt the most. so i try to save the high heels for, well, like never.

so i’m at DSW looking at flats. thank goodness they are finally in style! now HERE’S THE RUB (i’ve always wanted to say that): i’m pretty sure i tried on the same pair of flats 3 times. why? because i couldnt remember whether i tried them on or not, see? yep. i kept going up and down the same 3 aisles looking and trying on. first i’d try the shoes on in 8 1/2 and find that they were too tight, then i’d roam around looking for the same shoe in a 9. and i’d think “oh look here’s a nice shoe in an 8 1/2, wonder if it will fit?” then i’d try it on and get mad cuz it was too tight. then i’d look for it in a 9. which they didnt have. then i’d move on to another pair of cute flats, only to do the same thing. finally, on the third go round i experienced deja vu and said: “i think i’ve tried this on before?” because, natch, they only had it in an 8 1/2 and i needed a 9. 

after playing this game for quite a while, i decided to look at other shoes. mrs stoopid finally made her way to the clearance section, where whaddaya know? i found a pair of shoes in the size i wanted (9 remember) and they were discounted! SCORE!!!!  

then i moved on to Bloomindales to get what i really came for: blush from the Clinique counter.  which i remembered, on my way out of the store because i had to go past the clinique counter on my way to the car. funny how that works, huh?

freebies, sweeeeeeeet!!

did i mention that sleep deprivation affects memory problems? also, caffeine (for me at least). hmmm wonder how we’re gonna get around those two?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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