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friend friday

ok. gonna try somethin new here and try to do a post every friday about the friends i’ve had in my life. course i can’t guarantee that i’m gonna remember to do this every week, but it’s worth a shot, no? anyway, thanks to all the other bloggers out there who have done this before because imitation is the something something of something. anyway, here goes:

today’s friend, is: SALLY!!!

yup. that’s her on the left with the tiara. cute, huh? she and i have been friends since like first or second grade, i can’t remember. that would have been in like 1870 or something, back before they invented water.

sal and i were friends all through school and even kept in touch during college and afterwards.  we went to each other’s parties, etc. i OFTEN had dinner at her house because my mom worked and went to night school. her mom makes the best CHERRY SQUARES on the planet. for some odd reason, sally never ate them at lunch. boy was she stupid! so she gave them to me and i gobbled them up. 

through the years sal and i were in different classes and different activities but it made our friendship great because we knew alot of the same people and we were able to swap stories. most  importantly, we rode the same bus for like 6 years. those walks from the bus stop and those bus rides together are fond memories.

after high school then came college we each went our own ways but we kept in touch. i moved to texas and she stayed local.  we used to write letters to each other can you believe that? letters are those things on paper (flat white stuff with lines) that you write words on and mail in an envelope. yeah really. it was the stone age. we each experienced difficult relationships and managed to maintain our friendship. at one point i moved back home (don’t we all?) and we managed to see each other a few times, which was great. our kids got to know each other, which is really special. i used to love going to the old neighborhood to go trick or treating with our kids.  good times. 

the best time was when i got to go to her wedding! actually i was at both of her weddings, but that’s another story. i couldnt have been happier for her and she looked so beautiful that day, doesn’t she?

it’s her fault i’m on facebook. see what you started, sally?

nothin but love for you gal, here’s to another (cough cough) years of friendship!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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