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excuse me i’m ignoring you

so. been experimenting this week. i’ve been taking my seroquel (half a tab=25mg) every night for a week. in the past i’ve used it as necessary: couple three times a week. but this time, since the stuff cost so damn much money (thanks AETNA INSURANCE) i decided i need to use it more often. so i did. i decided that i would take it every night and hopefully i would build up a storehouse or something in my body and it wouldnt make me so groggy because my rockin bod was used to it.  k, so here’s what happened. i take it every night. but at different times because i’ve been busy this week and going to bed at different times. what does that mean? it means that some nights ive taken it at 8p, some at 10p, some at 10:30pm etc. not very conducive for keeping a schedule. the results are that every morning. EVERY morning i’m grouchy. i mean piss off and leave me the hell alone grouchy. which generally is not good when you have relationships. with people. so i’m at #Starbucks every day drinking my bold red eye with some soy milk and splenda and cinnamon. every day. and still…i’m slightly sleepy. but only slightly less crabby.  WHY TAKE THE DANG SLEEPING PILL YOU ASK?

because. if i dont take it, i don’t sleep well. if i DO take it i sleep only slightly better. and since i’m obviously a gambler, the odds are good that i’d rather sleep slightly better than not. ive never really been good at math but these odds seem ok to me. i know. i’m stupid and can’t win. so…until i figure out what to do next with mrs. dr. psychiatrist, i’m screwed. tonight, however, in honor of my experiment, i’m not taking a seroquel. or at least i say that now, cuz i’ve had a cocktail (shhh don’t tell anyone. i had one during the week, i think). but come 10p i may rethink that strategy while everyone is snoring and i’m sitting here with the dog staring at my droid. hmmmm. 

i dont wanna be grouchy tomorrow. wait, correction. grouchy AND groggy. but actually, since it’ll be monday, everyone will be outta the house and it won’t matter, will it? prolly not.

plus, i had a killer nap today so at the rate i’m going, i’ll be up til midnight. only to wake up at 3a. yup.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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