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dont wanna cook

have i mentioned that i dont like to cook? i never have but its one of those things you HAFTA do. and i hate that word: HAFTA.  mommy i’m hungry whats for dinner? always makes me want to pick up the phone and order out. and alot of the time i do. even when i couldnt afford it. ok so, now that i’m under employed (i work less than 10 hours a week holding babies) and not in school anymore, i guess technically i’m a housewife. but i dont like that term housewife. feels more like hausfrau. i think i prefer the term queen of the house or something. because as we all know, if you’re the housewife, youre in charge of the cooking, cleaning, childcare, transportation, dog pooper scooping, laundry, etc.  well since my kids are 13 and 17 i dont technically hafta do their laundry. or their cleaning or their cooking. but realistically, if they wont do it, then it falls to me, right?  i wonder what rich housewives complain about if its not housework? 

so my oven broke one day last week. i was SO happy, cuz then i had an excuse not to cook. until saturday when all i could think about was cooking in my oven. we couldnt even buy one of those take and heat pizzas from Wegmans.  but then, the sears guy came today and the oven now works intermittently. me no likey.  i dont wanna cook. why? not sure. maybe because the people for whom i cook (not counting the dog) complain no matter what i make.  or because i get no satisfaction from it. i CAN cook. truly i can. and sometimes i’m even GOOD at it. but lately i just dont care to cook. is that depression or am i getting smart?  i am tired of cooking the same thing all the time. and no one will eat anything new. so where does that leave me? yep. not cooking. besides, the freeloading kids can cook their own chicken tenders. or there is always cereal. oh wait. there’s no soy milk. so chicken tenders. or we can fast.

did i mention im not in a good mood? can you tell?  i’m anxious, irritable, and moody. i sound like the three little pigs.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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