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dog therapy

i’m sure everyone has a pet in their life that they love (even a pet rock). mine happens to be my dog Bailey. Bailey is a bichon frise poodle mix my husband and i rescued from the pound about four years ago.  just like our family, our dog is slightly neurotic.  like me, he is a big dog in a small package. he’s 15 pounds of white fluffy nothingness but he thinks he’s a 10 ton mastadon or something.  he is soooo like his mommy.  Bailey is real sweet to me and the rest of the fam but not so nice to everyone else. he likes the husband’s mother, the ex nun lady on the street, and this lab a few houses up. thats about it. everyone else he growls at. but he shows his sweet side when i really need him.  about a year ago i had a hysterectomy and Bailey stayed right by me the whole time i recuperated at home. no matter where i rested, either in the bed or on the couch, he always ALWAYS curled up between my backside and my knees. for hours. no matter what day it was or who else was home.  i’m guessing that Bailey knew there was something wrong with me and he needed to stay with me to watch over me.  maybe i smelled different and not from lack of showering?  now i’m not a lovey dovey kind of person but for this reason alone i treasure this dog. granted he still irritates me when he barfs on the carpet or chews up the tissues in the bathroom but he’s earned his keep last year.  
what’s interesting about this relationship is that given my memory issues and cognitive impairment, i am still able to recall fond memories of him. he’s still alive, by the way, this isnt like a eulogy or anything.  now sometimes i forget to take him outside for a pee or to check to make sure the kids have fed him but through this new challenge he has not pee’d on the floor once!  when he goes to his dish and its empty and looks up at me like: can i get some food here? it reminds me to feed him!  
not sure what my life would be like without this dog. or any dog for that matter. he’s only my third dog in my life, but he’s made the most impact.  i’m sure life would be easier and routine and CLEANER without him, but it certainly would be dull.  Bailey never fails to make me feel wanted  at the end of a crappy day. he doesnt care that my hair is a mess or that i need a shower or that i’ve cursed everyone in the house out or that i forgot to feed him. he always wags his tail when he sees me.  if only i could understand what that incessant barking means.    he is my therapy dog of sorts. sometimes it helps me to talk to him even though most people would prolly think i’m loony (and i am of sorts) for talking to a dog. he keeps my secrets when i cant be bothered to write in a journal.  he gives me a reason to be proud of my small memory accomplishments like feeding him regularly. 
if only his breath smelled better.

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Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

1 comment to dog therapy

  • shelley

    hey pam,
    nice to "meet you!" thanks so much for the follow.. i'm following you back… ok, now that we got that out of the way.. lol there is nothing like a sweet sweet littl doggie to make you smile! glad you have a good one! i wish you well!