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addendum: control freak ALERT

i decided that the earlier post on being an only child needed an addendum. why? mostly cuz i’m proud of myself for remembering that word. and partially because i fear the post made me look too much like a control freak. which i’m not. it’s just that i know what i want. and generally how to get it. i know how i like things. but to be serious for another minute i think the need to control rests deeper than being an only child.  to be sure, only children frequently know what they want. but in my case, i think perhaps that i am so firmly focused on my locus of control because so many things have been/were out of my control. and so i feel/felt the need to have some kind of control over something. of course, its prolly a subconscious (or is it unconscious) action, but whatever. 

so i’m mrs control freak. i like to have things my way. i dont necessarily hafta tell others how to do things, but if they ASK then i feel free to tell them what’s up.

its not like i can control my brain and shut if off at 3am when i need to go back to sleep? that is prolly the one area in my life i can’t control. bend to my iron will. dominate and sub something. whatever.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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