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what’s that stuff called

that you use between your teeth to get food out? (pause) (pause) (pause) dental floss. yes! i came up with the word!! woot!!  so i’m at the dentist getting my first official non braces wearing cleaning. and i am chatting up the hygienist (as usual cuz she’s so wonderful. wonderful kelly) and i’m trying to recall the name of the stuff you use on your teeth. and she’s looking down at me and i’m looking up at her and she’s wating for my answer and i’m waiting for the brain fart to end. so its like 3 pauses or three beats or something before i recall the word: dental floss!!! its funny how a dumb word like that can potentially frustrate me. who forgets that word? i do. but i try not to let it get me and i laugh about it with the kids later. 
(nb: i just misspelled later as latter. this is another frustrating aspect: not being able to spell. and i’m a speller. or i used to be)

Regarding Queen of Everything

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