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today is monday.

and i’m kicking butt with the housework and personal things i have to do. all of which i hate: cleaning, paying bills, and making appointments. fortunately i went to starbucks FIRST where i had my grande bold red eye with soy. once that espresso shot kicked in, boy was i working! of course, i had every light on in the house and the vacuum cleaner bag (dirty) lying on the living room floor, but so what? many things are clean. i even had lunch (thats food). but what in the heck does this have to do with memory? well lets see. for the past month i’ve waffled with whether or not to call the neuropsychologist and/or schedule the mri. the past couple weeks i decided to do it but yet i forgot. boy this forgetting thing could really be abused, but i try not to. i finally told enough people (thanks FB) that i was reminded to do the dirty deeds. so what did i forget today? not sure. 

is it just me or do the commercials these days seem especially confusing? i find myself saying “i dont get it” alot. and then i look at my notebook and i cant read the note that i wrote. it looks like this:  Frid 1200
and then on the line under it, it says 1245 register. now, if i had put the notebook down, walked away and came back to it later, i would have NEVER known what that gibberish meant. fortunately, i immediately entered it into my Droidy calendar and so i knew that Frid 1200 meant this friday be there at 12 noon to register for a 1245 appointment. Wow. its like i have my own language. too bad there isnt anyone other than me to translate it. oy.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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