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so…monday, right?

Ok its Monday. not much to say today. i’m sure i’m forgetting something, but i dont know what, so it doesnt count, does it? i DO know that grocery shopping is so much more difficult when you dont have a list. and you dont have any clue what you need or want to buy.  I have figured out that planning and organization is difficult. like: i want to cook bbq meat of some kind. so that would lead one to the meat aisle, right? check. then what do you need? not sure. think really hard. bbq meat needs bbq sauce, right? yes! and so you get where i’m going with this. i had a similar problem the other day when at the store and i realized i wanted to make a large batch of chili. and couldnt remember the ingredients. this is the chili i’ve been making since maybe 1991. i struggled to access the information. but i did it. so my point here is, i usually CAN access the information tidblit i’m looking for, it just takes awhile. sometimes i cant access it at all.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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