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confessions. coming out of the "closet"

ok not really, but it sounded really good. dont know and dont care if anyone is reading this blog. it just helps me get some stuff off my (really small) chest. and i like it. i feel like i’m talking to myself. here’s the results of my mri: its homer simpsons brain. hahah
ok not really. ok really. but they DID find some sinus blockage. hahahahha. which might explain the runny nose and headache i’ve had for a couple days. unless, of course (drum roll)…i’m experiencing something called SSRI discontinuation syndrome. or maybe i have a cold. or sinus infection? read between the lines and you can figure it out. what i’m saying is i dont feel great. and i’m tired of toxic people in my life. toxic person.  so my irritability has been ramping up. been doing more research which i’ve written down in my journal and once i feel like it or once that man leaves me alone long enough to piece it together, i’ll blog about it here.  how am i gonna return to work? that is, if i EVER get offered a job? when will it stop snowing?  can i get paid blogging for a living? hahaha. tweeting? facebooking? foursquaring? what am i good at that i can get paid to do? let me think on that.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

Love is closed.