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so, where was i?

while it appears that mostly my short term memory is affected (and occasionally long term), i am starting to comprehend past situations in which i got lost. i’ve never had a good sense of direction and relied on maps, landmarks and north/south directions. most recently i was taking the girl and some friends to the movies. i had a brain fart and couldnt remember how to get to the movie theater. she suggested i go one way (which i couldnt recall) but i knew i wanted to go another way that i usually go (but also couldnt recall).  it took me a few minutes of desperately wracking my brain before i found the file that i was looking for with the directions to the theater.  kinda scary.  this also brings to mind the time this summer or so when she and i were driving to produce junction. i’d been there before in the fairly recent past but for some reason could not recall how to get there. we just laughed and chucked it off as “silly mommy”. but not that i think about it, that might have been a sign of my untrustworthy short term memory; esp as i had other similar episodes that summer (already posted earlier). 

fortunately, i am able to recall some information, it just takes me a while to do so.  not so lucky when youre in a job interview and need to access the information toute de suite.  also very unhelpful when people are staring down your throat in general conversation and snapping their fingers or otherwise urging you on to remember a word, quickly.  how do you fix that?

they say that memory lost is generally not able to be restored. since some of my memory is not lost, just hard to locate, i will be able to function, just at a much slower rate.  i still think that i could use a therapy dog. not sure how the dog could help me access information but just in case i couldnt find my way home, the dog could help me drive or something, non?

Regarding Queen of Everything

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1 comment to so, where was i?

  • Rebecca

    Hahaha! I swear going from keeping track of my schedule to the schedules for a family of four is what has been the cause of my short-term memory failures! :)

    Stopping by from SITS!