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not sure what’s going on

so here i am several days into my blog and i cant remember to post anything! argh this is frustrating!!! Anyway, the forgetting is frustrating at times and funny at times. i mostly try to make light of it so it doesnt upset me too much. doc gave me a referral for a ct scan with the diagnosis codes of: presenile dementia and memory loss amnesia (retrograde). sounds all exciting and stuff doesnt it? but really it just means i have trouble remember things. I think the things i forget are mostly short term memories and occasional long term memories. my procedural memory seems to be intact (how to drive, how to brush my teeth, etc).  An example of the short term memory loss is the other day when i was at a job interview. i was asked a question that anyone who knows me knows i would know the answer to, as it had something to do with what were the last children’s books i read and why.  the sucky thing was I COULD NOT REMEMBER. oh sure i remembered that i read the true confessions of charlotte doyle and stargirl and love stargirl and some other things, but the books that i just most recently finished was the traveling pants series! how could i possibly forget that??? but, alas, i did. and the scary thing was that i KNEW i should be able to recall that information but i was drawing a complete blank.  i had to look these books up when i got home and could have kicked myself. 

so i’m not sure what’s really going on in my head. what will the cat scan find? holes? tumors? too much coffee? nothing?? but how come i cant remember things? how come i get confused sometimes? how come i feel like i’m walking around in a foreign country and kinda confused about things? how come sometimes i cant understand what people say? i remember one situation when i was taking someone’s order and she asked for chicken tortilla soup with a side of cranberries. i thought this was an odd order but i was told the customer is always right, right? so when i repeated back her order she looked at me crazy like and said “cranberries? i asked for crackers!”  WOW. crackers and cranberries don’t sound at all alike, do they? but thats what i heard. and then just the other day (my last day at the cafe) a customer wanted a grilled muffin. i asked the cook to grill it and she said (or so i thought) “oh really?” to which i replied “yes”. turns out she had just repeated what i said and said “grilled” to make sure she heard me.  so this is the kind of confusion that follows me. its not all the time, but its frequent enough. at first i just thought it was my family b/c they either speak too quickly or too softly. but now i know there’s something more. Again, i try to laugh at these situations as soon as i’m able to ease my tension. 

Regarding Queen of Everything

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