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hi, have we met?

ok i’ll admit my memory has pretty much sucked since i gave birth to my second child in 1997, but i still considered myself a quick study and could pull it out when i needed to.  fast forward to 2009. i have a hysterectomy (another blog, if you’re bored scoot over there) and all of a sudden things get OUT OF HAND.  i started experiencing symptoms immediately after surgery but chalked them up to post surgery who ha: hair loss, hot flashes, etc.  I was having trouble concentrating on my final 2 quarters in grad school but i thought it was just cuz i was recovering from major surgery. i managed to eek by and get my diploma.

Job hunting was unsucessful so i took another part time job working at the cafe at my local Y (love love love the Y).  It is at this point that i noticed or rather was FORCED to notice some changes.  i have been keeping track of the things i’ve noticed and they are:
• Would doubt appointment in calendar so arrive 2 days early for appt. (summer 09)

• Go to hair appt and doubt appt in calendar so got wash instead of relaxer.

• Forgetting to pay bills

• Forgetting to respond to emails

• Forgetting what Christmas presents received (Christmas night)

• Forgetting whether I picked up Charles RX or not

• Mixing up orders at café:

o Bringing apple juice when customer asked for OJ

o Forgetting what drinks customer ordered

o Forgetting various simple tasks: asking if food is for here or to go, what type of bread on sandwich, whether they want lettuce or tomato.

• Unsure if took my meds or not

• Forgetting to buy Charles’ yearbook (senior year)

• Foggy feelings

o Dazed/confused

o Spacy

• Forgetting to schedule appointments

• Anxious and stressed about forgetting things

• Ask same question several times because I either: idnt remember the answer or didn’t remember asking the question

• Difficulty focusing on school work (winter/spr 09)

• Difficulty remembering what I read

• Forgot to take cell phone to doctor appt 1/5/10

• Lost husband credit card. Found it 5 hrs later in cushion of chair at Starbucks

So here we have just a few of the things i’m concerned about. i’ve taken to carrying around a notebook everyday and checking it to make sure i’m not forgetting something.

its funny and its scary at the same time. more later. cake is calling my name.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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