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hair loss

it occurred to me yesterday after my visit to the beauty shop that I was losing alot of hair. i had made a mental note of it before, but chalked it up to desperately needing a relaxer plus laying on the back of my head alot. turns out my hairdresser noticed it too. i decided to do a tiny bit of research and discovered that it’s common to lose hair after surgery, possibly due to anesthesia or the stress of surgery. so that explains it. boy what an adventure.

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2 comments to hair loss

  • Kate P

    Boy, they oughta warn you about that sort of thing. You really are on an adventure!

  • Ellena

    There are a lot of factors one suffers hair loss. There is this health problem which includes certain symptoms wherein a person suffers hair loss. There is also this chemicals which a person ignores that are included in certain product he/she uses like in the hair dyes, shampoos, or anything that suits their hairstyle means. There also comes the fact of having this problem as considered inherited from the family.
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