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four week post op

I’m home from my 4 week post op appointment. I thought I was doing fairly well until DH dimed me out and told the doctor I wasn’t walking as much as he thought I should. Doc agreed and said the time for resting is over; I need to push through the pain and walk more. Walking outside in the cold weather doesnt bother me, I have a very warm coat. But she suggested going to a mall and walking. Guess that means a trip to Target! But I’m afraid I’ll get too tired and won’t be able to drive myself back home! Doc also scolded me b/c I havent been taking my iron pills. Apparently i was pretty anemic in the castle (9.3) which was why i was ordered to take iron pills at home. Problem is, as you probably already know, iron constipates you. And since having a BM was an important process, I quit taking the iron pills. Big mistake. I figured I didnt need them anyway, not like the pain pills at least. Hahahaa. Turns out that if I am still anemic (they did a CBC today) that would explain why I’m always tired and have a headache and feel kinda like I have the flu (crummy)! Can’t even think of going back to work yet; cant lift anything heavier than my purse and a Harry Potter book (at the same time).

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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