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Birthday recovery

So it’s not possible for me to over do it on my birthday, because, well, let’s face it; I’m an old married woman now AND I’m recovering from surgery. I did do a little “partying” though! Friday night went to Jen’s house and their family had us for dinner. I mean, they had us over for a birthday dinner. We had tacos and fajitas, wine, and hot pink birthday cake! It was great!! I drank lots of wine and we sat around and chatted. It felt fabulous to be out and about (naturally Nurse Ratchet made us walk to her house. It’s just around the corner. I didnt complain)!

We were home around 10 and when we got home I got in the bed to receive my birthday presents! Not feeling so well by then but I chalked it up to overeating. The next morning still not feeling so great but get up and take the boy to band practice. I lounge around the house until approx 1pm and then got ready to go to the beauty shop. I can’t explain what was wrong but I thought it was just too much wine and not enough tolerance anymore.

Saturday night we go to dinner at a restaurant where we can eat in the kitchen. It was a fun rowdy time. Again home early, approx 8pm. In the bed by 8:30-9pm. Again not feeling well, but figured it was a combination of two days of running around. The real problem is, though, that I havent been sleeping well at all this week and this isn’t helping me. My stomach was swollen, I’m kinda achy, I’m tired, etc. This is pretty much how I’ve felt the last few days but I’ve been trying to push through it because I’m so glad to get out of the house!!

Sunday, today, I stayed in the bed all day and catchin up on my homework. The few times I’ve gotten up I notice I’m walking straighter, woo hoo! Not quite as achy or tired, but I think I may take a percoset tonight. Hopefully it’ll help me sleep tonight! Havent taken a Perc for a few days because I’ve been drinking WINE.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

Love is closed.