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All alone

Showered today all by myself; i’m a big girl. hehehee what that means is that i havent showered when ive been alone in the house; just in case i needed assistance from someone. but today i ventured into the shower and it was great! unfortunately, i was beat later in the afternoon and took a 2 or more hour nap! i’m not sure if its because of the shower or the late hours i’m keeping. i was up until after midnight (NEVER AM) waiting to fall asleep and even then still didint nod off right away. You’d think with 700 channels I could find something to watch, but alas, no. I am not sure if this is my regular insomnia or related to the surgery. i think if it werent for the percoset i might not sleep at all! i also wonder if the cause could be lack of iron? little achy today but got up and moved around a bit. helped the kids take down the christmas decorations. no heavy lifting. drove a little. in the bed by 8p. SHEESH

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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