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pre admission testing

so today was the beginning of the end (of sorts). today was the day i reported to the castle for pre admission testing and i was nervous. why? because i didnt know what to expect: fear of the unknown is always a big factor for me as it was today. and to make matters better; my period (hopefully the last one EVER) kicked in high gear today! i had cramps this morning and took 3 alleve, had no breakfast due to naseau but managed to choke down a cup of coffee. so i was wired when i got to the hospital.

pre admission testing went well, the people are really nice. filled out some forms, gave a couple of samples (got some apple juice, yay) and got lots of instructions for tuesday. the worst bit about today was that i was told i wasn’t allowed to have any more pain relief for cramps (i am allowed tylenol but that has never worked for me)! so, i’m going to have to tough it out the next few days, which will be difficult on my family. i AM allowed to drink up until the day before (monday) so maybe a glass or 3 of wine will numb the pain or make me not care!

given that i’m having an abdominal supracervical, i will be in the castle 2 maybe 3 days. so i go in tuesday and depending what time surgery is, i may be home thurs or friday. no matter, i’ve resigned myself to just sucking it up and doing what they tell me (translation: being a good patient). I expect to be in a lot of pain this time next week given the 4 inch incision that they’ll have to do. the plan is to keep the ovaries and the cervix, unless, of course once she gets in there and things look differently; but i’m optomistic about keeping those parts.

the other bit of good news: no bowel prep, woo hoo!!

Regarding Queen of Everything

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