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final preparations

So here we are into the final days of preparations before my trip to the castle. i’ve been very busy and also in a lot of pain. since mother nature came to visit and i’m not allowed to take any alleve, it’s been a tough go. all the more reason to be excited about the upcoming surgery! i have been fortunate enough to find some old vicodin laying around and took that for a couple days. while not the best at menstrual pain relief, it took the edge off slightly. still, i still had to do my preparations around trying to breathe through cramps and napping.

we are now into sunday night. the surgery is tuesday. the family took me out last night for what i called the “last supper”. didnt really want to go b/c of the cramps, but it seemed like the right thing to do. it’ll be the last dinner i’ll have outside the house (and probably upright) for AWHILE.

I’m getting my chillow and my belly band ready. i’ve wrapped 99% of the christmas presents and put them under the tree. tomorrow i’ll get a call from the nurse telling me what time to report. i’ll do one final bedroom clean tomorrow as well as run a few FINAL errands.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

Love is closed.